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At Perth Euro Service Centre we provide independent European vehicle log book and mechanical servicing as well as full bumper to bumper maintenance for Land Rover, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Porsche BMW, Mini, Volvo, Skoda, Toyota and Rolls Royce vehicles.

We are your European Vehicle Specialists!

At PERTH EURO we utilise the latest diagnostic equipment and tools, so you can be assured that your vehicle is in the right hands with our qualified technicians. Visit PERTH EURO Service for your next European vehicle service and total maintenance.

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Are you tired of black and dusty wheels? At Perth Euro ATE Ceramic Brake Centre we can supply and fit your vehicle with low dust ceramic brake pads for your Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen (VAG), Skoda, Porsche, BMW and Mini.

Perth Euro Service Centre is the preferred supplier of ATE Ceramic brakes. ATE are part of the Automotive Group Continental AG, an international company which supplies companies such as Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen (VAG), Skoda, Porsche, BMW and Mini all original equipment for brake systems, electronics, interior, chassis equipment and tyres.

At Perth Euro we are able to test the brake systems quickly and accurately using equipment which is specially designed for brake maintenance. Our Brake Centre not only performs brake repairs, we can satisfy all your vehicle servicing requirements. Contact us for your ceramic brake requirements for your Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen (VAG), Skoda, Porsche, BMW and Mini.

Ate Ceramic Brake Pads 350 warranty – a 3 year or 50,000km warranty.*


Modern European vehicles require the correct battery. It is not as simple as removing it and replacing with a new one. Many European vehicles including BMW, Mercedes, LandRover, Porsche, Audi and Volkswagen (VAG) require a battery to be registered and programmed, clear faults and reset parameters.

Perth Euro has the specialised equipment required to initialise new batteries for most vehicles. At Perth Euro we know what is required if you have a flat battery and when a new battery is needed for your vehicle.

We also stock a full range of batteries to suit European Vehicles.


At Perth Euro we pride ourselves on up to date knowledge and expertise, we are also here to help you with all your vehicle maintenance.

Please utilise Perth Euro’s Pit Stop Check for those important vehicle checks you may keep delaying. When did you last check your vehicle for the tyre pressure, check oil and coolant levels or top up your windscreen washer bottle?

Here at Perth Euro, we are here to help you maintain your vehicle so you, your family and friends are safe on the roads.


At Perth Euro we specialise in all European and prestige vehicle air conditioning systems.

  • Is your vehicle’s air conditioner running less efficiently than it should?
  • Does your air conditioner need regassing?
  • Does it blow hot air?
  • Does your air conditioner need a service?
  • Is your air conditioner hot through vents on one side and cold on the others?
  • Does your air conditioner take a while to become cold or kick in? Has it stopped working all together?

Don’t melt in your car! PERTH EURO can help sort your issues!



Perth Euro offer full navigation GPS map updates for your vehicle. This is includes the latest Australian road maps for your sat nav, so your digital roadmaps are always up to speed. This can usually be done within a short wait time.

We currently update maps for BMW only. For full details on our servicing and map updates, contact us today.



A software update optimises and expands the electronic functionality of your vehicle.

A software update addresses system wide issues and features and upgrades any of your car’s electronic control modules (ECUs) that require it. Software updates should only be completed by those service centres who are equipped with special programming equipment.

If you need a software update service for your European vehicle, then we’ve got you covered, providing services across a range of vehicles from BMW, Mercedes, Jeep, VW, Audio, and more. Contact us today.


Did you know many European vehicle engines are now using direct fuel injection technology?

  • Is your engine light on?
  • Is your vehicle direct injection?
  • Does it have carbon build up?
  • On cold start does it have a vibration or is the engine seem to be running rough?
  • Do you feel your vehicle has poor performance?
  • Is the engine fault warning light on?
  • Have you experienced loss of power or reduced power?

Walnut blasting is the only way to remove 100% of carbon deposits.

If you have a vehicle with direct injection, here at Perth Euro we have the latest walnut blasting equipment to carry out the repair required to bring your car back to its original performance.


Perth Euro are one of Perth’s leading independent specialists in Automatic Transmissions. We provide a full range of Auto Transmission services for European vehicles. Here, at Perth Euro we use state-of-the-art diagnostic and repair equipment, we can service, repair, rebuild and replace your vehicle’s Automatic Transmission system.

We specialise in auto transmission services for European vehicle makes and models including Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, Porsche, Audi, Skoda, Volkswagen (VAG), Mini and BMW.

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