DPF Cleaning Perth – A guide for European Diesel Particulate Filters

August 29, 2019

You may have seen or read about Diesel Particulate Filters in the media recently. There are groups of owners having issues with certain Diesel vehicles, including European models.
These devices were designed as an emissions reducing technology to comply with European Emission Standards. Some, however, are prone to issues.

There are examples of DPF’s that are clearly faulty, but that’s not always the case. In other cases, the driver may not have been educated by the manufacturer on how to activate a regeneration cycle. A regeneration cycle is achieved by driving the vehicle for the recommended distances/duration on a weekly basis. A lack of extended-distance driving can cause build-up, resulting from a lack of regeneration cycles.

Even functional Diesel Particulate Filters ‘clog up’ over time, so it’s important to report any issues that you notice with power delivery when driving to your service provider. Other indicators may be higher fuel consumption, difficulty starting and a soft throttle response.

If you’re looking for DPF Cleaning, Perth Euro offer this service and can diagnose issues relating to the exhaust/particulate filter systems.
We can also determine whether the DPF itself is faulty, which may provide you the ability to make a warranty claim with the respective manufacturer, although not every manufacturer has been eager to solve DPF issues. Call our service team on 08 9244 7177  for more information or to book your European vehicle today.