Why Choose an Independent European Service Centre in Perth?

January 31, 2019

We’re often approached by clients who have not had a great experience when servicing their European vehicle.

The problems with ‘dealers’:

For instance, we had a client who was looking for an Audi Service in Perth and had been quoted significant amounts in parts and labour by a major dealer. Upon inspection by our technicians, it turned out that the Audi service that was required was vastly different to what had been quoted! Put simply, if the dealer in question had proceeded with the service, it wouldn’t have fixed the problem and the client would have had to pay for yet another service to get to the core issue.

Perth Euro see this far too often. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Land Rover / Range Rover, Mercedes, Porsche, Volkswagen, Mini, Skoda or BMW – there are some businesses out there who (either by way of lack of technical knowledge or lack of time) do not take the time to properly diagnose and solve issues, let alone at a reasonable price.

Of course, not all dealerships are ‘bad’ but there is certainly a trend and it raises the question: Why choose an independent service centre?

Here are three reasons why an independent repair centre like Perth Euro can provide first-class service for your vehicle:

  1. Technical expertise: By training staff and including international manufacturer based training as part of the development strategy, we truly ensure that our team is at the forefront of current and emerging manufacturer technologies.
  2. Volume: We’ve serviced thousands of Land Rovers, Range Rovers, Mercedes-Benz’s, BMW’s, Mini’s, Porsches, VW’s and Skodas. People tend to turn to independents after their warranty or service plan with their dealer has concluded. This means that Perth Euro see engines in their best and worst conditions. When you work in an environment where there are predominantly vehicles under warranty, you simply don’t get to engage in the amount of diagnostic and technical services that we do! From complete rebuilds to something as simple as an oil change, there is little that we haven’t seen. In fact, you could argue that we’ve seen more of the long-term issues than some of the dealers!
  3. When people give up on their Dealers, they turn to Perth Euro…AND BECOME CLIENTS FOR LIFE!: Perth Euro don’t see fed up owners as just an opportunity to make money. We see them as a potential relationship that can be fostered with consistent and considered care. We know our clients by name, they know us by name and we know their vehicles from bumper to bumper. Everyone is treated like family, which has allowed us to establish such a loyal client base.

  4. Price: Price isn’t everything. But you needn’t overpay! We don’t have to meet the ‘targets’ set by Manufacturers in high-pressure dealership environments. We treat every vehicle with the attention that it requires. This means that rather than focusing on monetary quotas, we can provide reasonable parts and labour charges and provide ‘the right’ service. Our experience means that our labour rates are often lower than competitors because we can accurately diagnose quicker due to the amount of vehicles that we have seen with similar issues. Don’t take our word for it, bring in your vehicle and try us today!

If you’re not getting the love you deserve or you feel like you might be paying too much, please call us on 08 9244 7177 to allow our specialist team take care of your Mercedes, BMW, Mini, Audi, Skoda, Volkswagen, Porsche, Land Rover or Range Rover. We are confident that we can take very good care of YOU and YOUR CAR!

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